Vinyl Memories…

10 Apr

Since most of us grew up with great radio stations, I’m guessing that a lot of music weWHK Fabulous 50 Tunedex bought and cherished began with hearing it on your favorite station. Some of us had friends with records that we shared with each other, and sometimes even swapped, like baseball cards. And then of course, there was the record store. We all bought our records from different types of stores. Some of them had instruments in the window and a stack of 45’s under the counter, hidden away like an adult magazine. Others, like Record Rendezvous in downtown Cleveland had a wall of 45’s, and listening booths to check them out.

Little did we know back then that we were experiencing Marketing 101 when we visited that store. Many of us came in to get our favorite free radio station survey… for me it was the WHK Fabulous 50 Tunedex, with the suggested purchase of the day, the “Pick Hit of the Week”. We were drawn to those tunes for two reasons… first the Station played them in heavy rotation, so by the time you got to the store, if you liked what you heard, you were on a mission. And second, you got to buy it at the bargain price of just $ .69. Little did we know how many more times we would be attracted to stores over the course of our lives by a “loss leader”. And of course, if you had any extra money, there was no way you’d be leaving there with any left… so many 45’s… so little time…

You’ll hear most of MY 45’s and a LOT more at TUNEDEX MEMORIES!

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