Old Habits Die Hard

23 Apr

As far back as I can remember, Sunday mornings have been associated with newsBeetle Bailey comic strip gathering. As a child, it was spiritual education at church followed by a nice breakfast and the Sunday comics and the Sports section. The only negative was the TV and the ever droning guests of “Meet The Press” in the background. As I got older, some Sunday rituals fell by the wayside and new ones sprung up like flowers in the Spring, but one thing remained… the weekly re-hash of news. When my revered “funny papers” lost their humor due to one cancellation after another of my favorite comics, I stopped reading them. I still read the Sports, but also hoarded the Entertainment and Business sections. Now, I’m older still, and I don’t think I’ve actually read a paper in about 10 years or so. My instinctive grab for the Sports section has been replaced by various toolbar icons. The Sunday morning quest for news gathering is still there, it’s just been transferred to the Internet. And what provides the background sound for this new-age ritual? Why, “Meet The Press” of course….

Haven’t listened yet?  Tune in now to TUNEDEX MEMORIES!

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