Don & Juan – from painting apartments to climbing the charts with a bullet…

18 Jul

Claude Johnson had a taste of success and his first “15 minutes of fame” with the group The Genies. They hit the charts with “Who’s That Knockin’” in 1959, but quickly fell into the “one-hit wonder” category. In just a couple of years, with little or no success with follow-up recordings, the group disbanded. Claude found himself painting apartment with another singer friend,Don & Juan Roland Trone. The painting went a little quicker when they sang, and as luck would have it, they were “discovered” while on a painting gig. Claude jumped at the chance to record again. He became “Juan” and Roland became “Don”. Claude had written a song called “What’s Your Name” and the duo took that song all the way to number 7 on the National charts for BigTop records. A follow-up single “Magic Wand” charted, but with little or no impact. Their last recording for BigTop was the Burt Bacharach composition “True Love Never Runs Smooth”. While they had no success at all, Gene Pitney released his version and went to number 21. They moved to Mala records next but once again, they simply couldn’t rediscover the magic of “What’s Your Name” and called it quits in 1967. Roland died in 1982, and Claude passed in 2002.

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