Play List Adds 2/08

12 Feb


Joey & the Continentals – Rudy Vadoo • A local Cleveland band that also recorded under the name the G.T.O.’s. This song you should have heard was on Claridge in 1965.

Impalas – Oh What A Fool • Peaking at #86 on the Hot 100 back in 1959 – the follow-up 45 on Cub to “Sorry (I Ran All The Way Home).

Paris Sisters – Lonely Girl • The fabulous flipside of the girls version of Dream Lover. Smash records from 1964.


Angels – Little Beatle Boy • A 1964 song you should have heard on Smash records.

Annette – Ma He’s Makin’ Eyes At Me • The fabulous flipside of “Tall Paul” on Disneyland records from 1959.

Velvets – Laugh • The follow-up to “Tonight” and the only other Hot 100 song by the group. Virgil Johnson on lead for this Monument recording that peaked at #90.


Peaches & Herb – The Ten Commandments Of Love • Peaking at number 55 back in 1966, this is the third of four versions of this song to hit the Hot 100.

Four Graduates – May I Have This Dance • With Bob Miranda on lead, here is a 1964 song you should have heard from the group that evolved into the Happenings.

Everly Brothers – So It Was (So It Always Will Be) • Don and Phil give us a 1963 effort that bubbled under at position 116 for Warner Brothers.


Four Lovers – Girl In My Dreams • This group led by Frankie Valli evolved into the Four Seasons when joined by Bob Gaudio from the Royal Teens. This is the fabulous flipside of the 1956 RCA-Victor charted single “Apple Of My Eye”.

Jeffrey Foskett – Through My Window • A very talented singer/songwriter who tours with the Beach Boys and Papa Do Run Run. This song you should have heard was released in 1996, but has ALL the classic qualities and sound of a Beach Boys classic.

Lovin’ Spoonful – Me About You • This song peaked at number 91 on the Hot 100 back in 1969. The writers tried hard though, as it also charted by the Mojo Men, and bubbled under in 1970 by the Turtles.


Cumberland Three – Come Along Julie • This group featured a young John Stewart, emulating the sound of the Kingston Trio. This song you should have heard was on Roulette records.

Gisele MacKenzie – The Star You Wished Upon Last Night • This song peaked at number 42 on the Hot 100 1n 1956 for the former “Hit Parade” singer.

Marcy Jo & Eddie Rambeau – The Lover’s Medley • This dynamic duo bubbled under the Hot 100 chart at position 132 with this Swan label 45.


Sue Thompson – If The Boy Only Knew • This was the 1962 fabulous flipside of “Have A Good Time” on Hickory records.

Royal Guardsmen – Wednesday • This song peaked at #97 on the Hot 100 by the group unfairly labeled as a “novelty” act .

Norman Fox & the Rob Roys – Dream Girl • A classic doo wop song you should have heard from the Capitol label back in 1959.


Elegants – It’s Just A Matter Of Time • This song you should have heard is an unreleased ABC-Paramount cut with Vito Piccone on lead. It was released on 45 in 1974 on the Bim-Bam-Boom label.

Neil Diamond – Two-Bit Manchild • This Uni label 45 hit the Hot 100 back in 1968, peaking at number 66.

Dion – Little Miss Blue • This was the fabulous flipside of “Lonely Teenager” – Laurie 45, 1960.

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