Baby Steps…

17 Feb

The past two weeks have been a BLUR. Between readying more cuts for the play list and working with software support, the days have just flown by. I’m happy to report that graphics as well as supporting information about each cut (if I’ve entered them) is now finally being displayed at our website at

I prepare each file individually and when I have pictures and comments, enter them intoI’m “babying” our station progress the .mp3 header. This is known as “tagging”. Several support sessions have been necessary to get us to this point. The program comes with a standard “template” which includes many corny graphics and buttons for It was never my intention to create this station to sell CD’s. Besides, more than half of what we play cannot be easily obtained.

50’s and 60’s artists seem to fade in and out of availability. Many of the CD’s that have the songs you’re looking for are foreign pressings from vinyl. Only the larger labels like Ace and Bear Family buy the rights for the original studio material. Sadly, this is due in part to a lack of interest here in the states. The interest in this music is still very strong in Europe, Japan and Australia. Thanks to the Internet, we’ll be serving those markets with a lot of material they never heard and didn’t know existed.

If you’ve followed the videos I’ve posted here at the blog, you know that I’ve got a few vintage commercials in the collection. I knew that YouTube would provide to me the audio I was seeking. Ironically, in a two day period, three listeners actually asked me if I could add some old commercials to the broadcast. Great minds think alike I guess, because I had already had a stack of them done. When I get a couple hundred put together, I will add them and intersperse them in the rotation. Much like the vintage radio jingles, they will add another shot of nostalgia and bring back the memories.

It took a long time to get to this point. I’m more interested in creating the sound I’ve heard in my head over the last 10 years or so as opposed to “rushing to market” too quickly with the station not what I wanted it to be. So once again, please be patient, and also, please send me follow-up comments.

Chuck Benjamin

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