Radio Stations….

03 May

I’ve only worked at two REAL radio stations.  The first one was located in a High School, and the donated, salvaged or stolen equipment was held together by rubber bands and bubble gum.  No glamour, no glitz.   The second was a free standing building but oh so tiny and cramped for the number of people attempting to work there.  There were nice vehicles in the parking lot, mostly from trade-outs.  The equipment, while not as bad as the first, was still obsolete and had the familiar feel of operational uncertainty.

TUNEDEX MEMORIES comes to you from my “office”, the spare upstairs bedroom. Based on my “professional” experience, I feel right at home.  Various pieces of equipment, accumulated over 25 years or so, comprise the bulk of our “operations” center.  The station “server” is about the only new addition to the room that occupies about 80 hours of my life each week.

For legal enthusiasts, we are classified as a “hobby” station.  No commercials, no income.  I will eventually get around to adding a shameless request for contributions to offset our costs via PayPal, but I want to get the “specialty” shows running first.  I’m hoping we have many new listeners who tune in for the unique play list of tunes, and the good news is, if you like what you hear, wait until you hear what Frank, Steve, and Kenny have to offer.

With all the political hyperbole, financial doom and gloom, the sharp rise in the cost of gas and food, I must admit, I’ve taken solace in my own creation.  Even though I’ve chosen each song myself, I find myself listening to the station while I work for the escape value if nothing else.

With no assistance from my aching joints, I get through each day with a lot of help from the wonderful music of my youth.  My approach to daily stress is compounded by my OCD.

  • I live and die with the Indians and wonder if I will be around long enough to see them win a World Series.
  • I worry how my kids and grandsons will cope with the ever changing world around them.
  • I feel a sense of helplessness as sickness and obituaries become a larger part of my life.

But then, I realize that my efforts have touched another person’s life and it’s all worthwhile.

When I get around to begging for money, this statement will become invalid, but for now, if you want to help us, please just help spread the word.  Please let your friends know that they can go back to some of the most special times of their lives, all they have to do is listen.  We have all the scenarios covered.  Love triumphs, love fails, school was great, school was horrible, dances, football games, cars, hanging out with your friends, your life will literally unfold before your eyes if you just listen to the words.

In my mind, the image of a spinning 45 represents a “circle of life” of sorts.  For a lot of us, our lives began with music.  As our turntables slow down, these tunes can allow us to  relive every moment.  Let us take you back to a time in your life when you didn’t have a care in the world…. just listen to TUNEDEX MEMORIES!

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