Leapy Lee – Little Arrows

17 May

Here’s ONE of the songs on our play list – The Honor Roll of Hits

Lee Graham aka Leapy Lee is a one-hit wonder.Little Arrows” was written by Albert Hammond and managed to top the charts in 18 countries, enjoying global sales of nearly 3,500,000. This Decca release peaked at #16 on the Hot 100. Visit the official website of:

Leapy Lee

There’s a boy, a little boy
Shooting arrows in the blue
And he’s aiming them at someone
But the question is at who?
Is it me or is it you?
It’s hard to tell until you’re hit
But you’ll know it when they hit you
Cos’ they hurt a little bit

Here they come falling out of the blue
Little arrows for me and for you
You’re falling in love again, falling in love again
Little arrows in your clothing
Little arrows in your hair
When you’re in love you’ll find those little arrows everywhere
Little arrows that will hit you once
And hit you once again
Little arrows that hit everybody, every now and then

Wow ho ho the pain

Some folks run and others hide
But there is nothing they can do
And some folk put on armour
But the arrows go straight through
So you see, there’s no escape
So why not face it and admit
That you love those little arrows
When they hurt a little bit

Here they come falling out of the blue…


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2 responses to “Leapy Lee – Little Arrows

  1. Leapy Lee 40th Anniversary Website

    March 11, 2010 at 11:37 am

    “Little Arrows II”, the new EP by Leapy is available now at the following stores:

    iTunes US –
    iTunes UK –
    iTunes Aus/NZ –
    iTunes – Japan –
    Amazon UK –
    Amazon US –


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