The Perils of Technology….

06 Aug

As the saga of Tunedex Memories unfolds before my eyes, my little station project almost takes on a life of

Vista sucks!

Vista sucks!

it’s own. I’ve tried to convey in little snippets on the website some of the frustrations that have stunted my excitement. From the perspective of the listener, it’s pretty simple…. you tune in, the sounds are either there or they’re not. If you’re listening and the sounds stop… you move on. You can’t imagine the panic attacks generated by a software “freeze”. This means the computer has to be brought “down” and restarted. This is not a unique process, because software does tend to “freeze” at times. However… I am hostage to the Operating System that is Vista, which makes these occurrences that more frequent. Oh by the way, multiply that anxiety by a hundred fold if lose my connection to the Internet.

What you’ve never known, is that whenever I have had to restart our server, for many assorted reasons of incompatibility, it took up to an hour to get the program restarted. This past weekend, I updated to the latest version of software and it wouldn’t reload at all. When I finally reached the almighty human voice, I was told I would have to change database handlers to get back up and running. I spent a very stressful 10 hours bouncing between tech support groups just so my Monday evening plans could happen.

The good news? I can now restart and reload relatively quickly. The bad news? The ability to “talk” to my website halted and “froze” the screen for a few days. Monday night when I tried to premiere “The Innocent Age”. The software froze on segment 5 of 8 of the show. I was down for just a few minutes and when we resumed the show, I lost about 12 minutes. The show was supposed to then repeat for the West Coast, but that didn’t work either.

I’ve tried to find pictures to display when songs are playing. “Surfing the web” allowed me to find a lot of them… all it took was TIME… and lots of it. Now I am told I’ll have to re-enter ALL of them because the new database handler doesn’t recognize them. If you ever wonder why “hackers” of the world seem to hate Bill Gates so much, this is but a tiny fragment of explanation why. Whether you’re talking to an outsourced phone helper or local, it gets a bit old when they say things like “Dude, Vista sucks – go back to XP”. First, easier said than done, second – not an option when we bought our server.

So, it’s now Wednesday… I’ve postponed the show until next week and I’m still waiting for that “call back” from technical support. I was up until 4am this morning, but I (without assistance) finally re-established communication to my website, although the pictures are no longer there, and won’t be until I get that “call back”.

I wanted the play list to be at a certain point before I brought back the specialty shows. That took OVER A YEAR, obviously, longer than I expected. After getting the specialty shows back up and running, the next step in my plan was to establish a link for PayPal and ask for contributions. I’m not there yet, but when I get there, I hope you remember reading this before you ignore my request for financial assistance to offset the time and costs of bringing these tunes to you and keeping the blog updated.

Despite the perils of technology and the constant threat of the music industry to kill Internet radio, I push on. Who’s going to rekindle the feelings of our youth? Who’s going to recognize the artists and writers that provided us countless hours of hopes, dreams and emotions? Who’s going to keep alive the memory of this time in our history? It’s a sometimes thankless and dirty job… but somebody’s got to do it.

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One response to “The Perils of Technology….

  1. Doug Tribe

    August 10, 2008 at 6:50 pm


    I so admire your perseverance through the frustration of having the multitude of technical problems with which you have had to endure. I’m hoping for your sake that you (the “Dude”) will be able to work with technical support to successfully formulate work-around solutions to the inherent Vista O/S stability problems. I have created a PayPal account and will periodically provide financial support as a loyal and appreciative listener. Regardless of what happens in the future, you have already broken new ground with all you have accomplished so far. One of my Florida buddies is also very impressed with what you have done. Hang in there buddy.

    Thanks again.



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