Play List adds 9/08

16 Sep

Cascades – Cinderella • Following the success of “Rhythm of the Rain”, John Gummoe and the Cascades left the Valiant label for RCA-Victor.  As this song you should have heard proves, the RCA material was great, but as we got closer to the British Invasion, this was the kind of sound that was forced into the background.

Blood Sweat & Tears – Sometimes In Winter • This is the fabulous flipside of the 1969 Columbia single, “And When I Die”.  I like it because while the horn arrangement is toned down, they’re still there, and yet David Clayton-Thomas did NOT sing lead on this cut.

Mary Wells & Marvin Gaye – Once Upon A Time • This great duet peaked at number 19 on the Hot 100 in 1964.  Whether he sang with Mary, Tammi, Diana or Kim – he was the master.

Susan Christie – I Love Onions • This tongue in cheek novelty tune peaked at number 63 on the Hot 100 back in 1966 – sung by the great Lou Christie’s sister, Susan.

Eddie Lawrence – The Old Philosopher • I was pretty young back in 1956, but I’ll never forget the line… “is that’s what’s troublin’ you?”  A great novelty tune that climbed all the way to #34 on the Hot 100.

Turtles – Outside Chance • The Turtles had a great sound and should have been much bigger stars than they were.  With all their big hits, believe it or not, this song you should have heard by them from 1966 is my favorite cut from the group.

Richard & the Young Lions – Open Up Your Door • This garage sound was a big smash in the Great Lakes area.  It got lot’s of airplay in Cleveland and Detroit/Windsor, but for everyone else, it’s a song you should have heard.

Johnny Dankworth – African Waltz – Songs that bubbled under at #101 were typically pretty big in some region of the country.  I certainly remember hearing this on the radio back in 1961.

Mojo Men – Sit Down I Think I Love You • Written by Steven Stills and recorded by CSY, this was the only version to hit the Hot 100, peaking at #36 back in 1967.

Fidelitys – Wishing Star • If you’re a fan of the vocal group sound, you’ll want to catch this song you should have heard from the Sir label back in 1960.

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