So you think you want to run an Internet radio station?

22 Mar

Ten years of show planning and production work prepared me for creating TUNEDEX MEMORIES. Even so, I was still reluctant because of the learning curves I knew I would encounter and mentally was NOT prepared to deal with. If that’s not enough to scare you off, keep in mind that I spent 35 years in the computer industry. I almost knew what I was doing at one time.

I faced my fears however, and moved forward. Slowly, to be sure, but forward. Each day was a new struggle with terminology and challenges, both hardware and software. But things didn’t have to be so difficult. My quest would have been a LOT easier if I could have transported back in time about 30 years or so. That’s about how long it’s been since we’ve had any kind of decent customer service in the United States.

I lost an entire day yesterday, dealing with a nuisance problem that almost

If you start a station.... you're crazy!

If you start a station.... you're crazy!

turned into a catastrophe. Good thing I’m still a good troubleshooter. By this morning, the problem was identified and resolved, with little or no help from the support organizations that are supposed to help me.

My blood pressure shot to heights I haven’t seen or felt since before my middle son left home (for the third time). I spent most of today relaxing and recovering from my encounter with the NEW American commerce. I grew up in a time when the customer was always right. Today, the customer is not only always wrong we’re also treated like idiots.

We are kept at bay by automated phone systems and a pervasive attempt to wear us down so we’ll simply give up and go away. If we do get to talk to someone, you either can’t understand a word they’re saying, or they’re so ill prepared for their job they don’t know what you’re saying. This approach of course is due to greed and the quest for profit above everything.

Yesterday, I spent 7+ hours on the phone with at least 5 different people and sent 8 emails to the company that won’t  publish a phone number. I went from being a happy customer of over three years to asking for a refund and facing the task of finding a new vendor.  I was told what I wanted to hear. I was told outright lies. I was treated like a babbling fool. But at the end of the day, my problem was still unsolved. Being the stubborn person I’ve always been, I wouldn’t give up. I called the company who was apparently the source of the problem. I did so knowing I was neither a customer, nor was I entitled to any customer support. But I called anyway because my instincts told me I would find the answer if I just kept looking.

The good news is, I did solve the problem. I don’t have to change vendors and could help avoid someone else going through what I just did. Of course, that won’t happen. Why you ask? Because in our country, we now value ARROGANCE and POLITICS higher than integrity and knowledge. The very people who did as little as possible to help me say I lack credibility. After all, I’m just a customer. I’m a dime a dozen and don’t deserve respect.

The moral to my story is that everyone wants money, they simply don’t want to work for it. If you ever have a problem you want solved, simply break it down in terms of profit.  When you convince the right person that they’re losing money because of your problem, mark my words, your problem WILL be solved. Not to satisfy you as a customer, but so that “special someone” doesn’t lose any more many than they have to. Welcome to the United States of a-ME-rica.

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