A humble welcome to 2010….

02 Jan

My New Years Day meal was hot dogs and beans. Not glazed ham or pork with sauerkraut… just a simple meal to remind me of the simpler times when I was growing up.

While I pray for an economic recovery this year, I have to be realistic. There’s a lot of rhetoric out there about creating jobs, but as I am older now, and a bit wiser, I realize that job creation comes from creative risk-takers. I don’t think we have as many as we’ve had in the past, and many of the ones we do have cannot secure financing.

All levels of government around our country are going broke. Tax revenues are down and the quickest way to save money is to let people go.

As service quality declines, voters will rebel, but until we eliminate political cronies and corruption, we’ll have problems no matter where we live.

The banks got a bail-out and thanked us by charging 30% interest on credit cards. And they’re borrowing money for practically NOTHING. I don’t encourage credit except for emergencies, but this policy still smacks of corruption. Of course anything is justified these days as long as it’s in the name of profit.

I believe in smaller government. I don’t particularly care for the proposed health care reform, but I abhor the abuse we ALL take from the insurance companies who left unchecked will rape and pillage until we all go bankrupt or die because we can’t afford to see a doctor.

Here’s my New Year’s resolution suggestion for EVERYONE: Be nice to someone… every day of the coming year…

We can’t go back to the innocence of the 50’s and 60’s, but there is NOTHING standing in the way of us being more civil to one another.

May your year be healthy, happy and tragedy free….

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