DJ Frank Kramer

Host of “Teenage Memories” Frank credits his Mom for teaching him how to correctly slide into bases in his back yard and also for introducing him to the world of record collecting.She gave him his first 45 for Christmas in 1956.“Don’t Be Cruel” b/w “Hound Dog” became the first record in what has become a most impressive collection.

Each Christmas and birthday thereafter, the newest Elvis album became the present he could count on his Mom to get him.Many records and years later, she must haveFrank Kramer realized what she started and asked Frank “Don’t you have enough?”Today, some 15,000 LP’s and 130,000 45’s later, Frank still doesn’t have enough!

His older brother had a bit of a head start on his record collection, but in 1961, when he was 12 years old, Frank bought his first 45.Frank knew every time he listened to “Runaway” by Del Shannon he was hooked for life.A transistor radio to his ear every night, he listened to Top 40 countdown shows and nightly visited the dream world created by such songs as “Telstar”, “Blue Moon” or “The Lion Sleeps Tonight.”Today, he is still looking for the “songs we should have heard” that were never heard on the radio.

Speaking of Radio, in the late 70’s, Frank decided to try his hand at broadcasting.He attended the Ohio School of Broadcasting and soon began his career at a small station just east of Cleveland in Chardon, Ohio.From there he went to WBBG-1260 in Cleveland, which played Top 40 along with lots of “oldies.”Much to his chagrin, his Program Director informed him of an impending format change, but for the time he had left, Frank was allowed to bring in his own records and play whatever he wanted.For three glorious weeks, Frank developed a style that would stay with him until today, a few comments in-between lots and lots of music.

It would be several years before Frank could relive this experience, but jobs in Ashtabula, Ohio and then in Willoughby, Ohio brought it back.He played songs he remembered from his youth that he hadn’t heard on Cleveland radio in 20 or 30 years and mixed in songs he discovered from his hobby.He didn’t say much during the show, but spent a great deal of time talking to listeners calling in about the great tunes he was spinning and how to get them.If you’ve never heard one of Frank’s “Teenage Memories” you are in for a great treat.His love for the music, as well as the sincerity to share them with his audience is heard through each tune.How do you decide what to play from that big of a collection?You’ll just have to listen to each and every show to find out.

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One response to “DJ Frank Kramer

  1. Evan Schleimer

    August 8, 2018 at 2:57 pm

    Hi is the same Frank Kramer that with my dad Bob Schleimer at Arrow?
    If it is can you please email me at


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