DJ Kenny Schreiber

Host of “Echoes Of The Past” Kenny (pictured here with Jimmy Beaumont of the Skyliners) was born and grew up in the Coney Island / Sheepshead Bay area of Brooklyn, NY. After getting married, he lived in Queens until 1973, when he moved to Baltimore, Maryland.Kenny grew up during the emergence of the music we all love.He got his first record player in 1956.The first three LP’s he purchased (at Korvettes) were by FrankieJimmy Beaumont and Kenny Schreiber Lymon and the Teenagers, the Platters, and Harry Belafonte.Some of his first 45’s were the Schoolboys-Please Say You Want Me, Guy Mitchell-Singing the Blues, and Elvis-Don’t be Cruel. His radio favorites included Alan Freed, Peter Tripp, and Murray the K. He went to many of the Alan Freed and Murry the K shows at the Brooklyn Fox and Paramount. He has never stopped buying and collecting music – from records to CD’s.He got many of his great doo-wop/teen 45’s from two stores in West Hempstead, NY where the owners let him browse the stacks of new promos. He also frequented the legendary Times Square Records shop in NYC. He listened to their radio show, as well as the Time Capsule Show. He was there for the debut of the legendary Gus Gossert, and the doo-wop revival of the early 70’s. He attended many revival shows at the Brooklyn Academy of Music. Things were kind of slow from 1973 to 1990, but as soon as the first doo-wop/teen cd’s were issued in the mid and late 80’s he began a collection that is probably one of the largest and most complete in the world. He was not able to buy every doo-wop/teen 45 that was released, but he could buy every CD. In December 1990 he listened to the debut of the “Echoes of the Past” show, hosted and produced by Nay Nassar. It featured a fantastic mix of very rare and obscure doo-wop and teen music–music that he had never heard in over 30 years of collecting. He called Nay as a fan, but after meeting each other, he soon became a co-host of the show.Kenny took over the reigns in May of 1993 when Nay relocated back to Connecticut.The show remained on the air until July 2004, when programming changes resulted in cancellation. Some of Kenny’s favorite moments were in-studio visits by Peggy Davison of the Angels, the Crystalairs from Germany, and Eulis Mason Jr. from the Martels. He also did many phone interviews with artists like Kathy Young, Lenny Welch, and Jay Siegel of the Tokens just to name a few. Kenny is now enjoying his retirement and has a standing invitation to do new shows anytime the mood strikes him.In the meantime, we will bring back as many shows in his library as we can.

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2 responses to “DJ Kenny Schreiber

  1. Janet Johansen

    September 19, 2010 at 4:58 pm

    Hey Kenny, if you read these comments, get in touch with me, would you? I think you remember me…….don’t you? Keep those memories playing!!!!!

  2. Jim McGreevey

    October 13, 2010 at 1:42 pm

    Hi Kenny,
    Looking forward to seeing you this Saturday at the famous Red Rose Inn and Suites in Plant City.
    Jim McGreevey
    “Lola and The Saints”


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