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David Box – Little Lonely Summer Girl

Here’s ONE of the songs on our play list – The Honor Roll of Hits

David Box grew up in Lubbock Texas, home of legendary rocker Buddy Holly.   David got to see Buddy HollyDavid Box perform locally before he hit the National scene and was fascinated by his sound.  Encouraged to sing as young as when he was only three years old, David formed a band called the Ravens which emulated the sound of Buddy Holly.  I added “Little Lonely Summer Girl” to the play list because I remember hearing it on WHK.  I’m also fond of David’s first release on Joed Records, “If You Can’t Say Something Nice” which was co-written by Roy Orbison.  But there’s another song to listen for David’s vocals.  The next time you hear “Peggy Sue Got Married” listen for the lead vocals of David Box.  David was just one of many lead vocalists used by the Crickets who had a sound similar enough to Buddy Holly to make a record.  “Little Lonely Summer Girl” was played and popular in pockets of the country.  In addition to our area, the song was very popular in the Houston area.  He was working with a local band, Buddy & the Kings promoting the record.  On October 23, 1964 on the way to another promotional stop, the plane rented by David and the band went down nose first.  There were no survivors.  David Box was only 21.  Like his hero Buddy Holly, David was taken from us way too soon.  Listen for David Box on Tunedex Memories.


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