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Johnny Rivers – Tunesmith

Here’s ONE of the songs on our play list – The Honor Roll of Hits

With all the 45’s at my disposal to share with you, I try not to play that many lp cuts. This song comesJohnny Rivers - Rewind from my 4 year tour in the U.S. Air Force. When I went overseas, I went to Clark AFB in the Philippines. With the low cost of (Japanese) stereo systems, almost every cubicle had at least one blaring ALL the time. This cut comes from the “Rewind” album by Johnny Rivers. I never did buy that album, partially because I had heard it so many times, I really didn’t want it. “Tunesmith” however, stuck with me and remains my all-time favorite Johnny Rivers cut. Johnny grew up in New Orleans, formed his first band in 1956, cut his first record in 1958 with the help of Alan Freed, and then “exploded” onto the rock and roll scene almost SIX years later – right in the middle of the British Invasion. Listen for Johnny on TUNEDEX MEMORIES

“TUNESMITH” performer:  Johnny River • writer:  Jimmy Webb

Married to the road
There’s no other way to say it.
Baby found out
Quite early in the game.

If I belong to my songs
She chose not to play it.
Now I walk down the street
And I hear them call my name.

Chorus:Johnny Rivers
Tunesmith, tunesmith
Sing me a song.
Give me your laughter
Give me your tears.
Tunesmith, tunesmith
Sing me a song.
But who sings a song for the tunesmith?
Who sings a song for the tunesmith?

She could have changed my mind
If anyone could do it
That’s why I know
I’ll always be this way.

And now I’ve got fame
I find there’s nothing to it.
I remember how I loved her
When I hear the people say.

Repeat chorus

This hotel room is all I own
Now that all my friends are gone.
All alone at the break of day
I can still hear them say.

Repeat chorus

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