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Like those “Bubbled Under” tunes we play? Frank has many of the 45’s for Sale!

Frank found a private collector who had over 80% of the “Bubbled Under” tunes and MANY of the ones we play on TUNEDEX MEMORIES. If want the original 45’s – be sure to regularly check Frank’s EBay store.   Have a “Bubbled” want list? Contact Frank at

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Tom Burdyshaw (1947-2008) “Tom from Garfield Heights”

I regret to inform my listeners that “Tom from Garfield Heights” has lost his battle with cancer.  Long time “loyal listeners” heard his name weekly for many years.  I began “the Innocent Age” approximately 10 years ago, and Tom found out about the show in April, 1989 at Steve Petryszyn’s Parma Record Convention.  He was excited about the show, but lived too far North of the station to be able to pick it up.  Later that year, we started broadcasting on the Internet, but Tom didn’t have a computer.  I sent him 2 cassettes every week for almost three years.  He would listen to the show and call me with his comments, which included his favorites and most shows contained at least 10 or 12 tunes he had never heard before.  That pattern continued week after week.  He came over a few times, and we would spend the entire time sharing music, just as I usually did with Steve and Frank Kramer.  Tom had the same passion for this music as the three of us did and it was a joy seeing the twinkle in his eye when he heard those “songs you should have heard” for the first time.

Tom had a fairly extensive collection of 45’s that he kept buying into the late 80’s.  Ironically, our mutual taste seemed to match as we talked about 70’s and 80’s music we liked as well.  Work schedules and family demands kept us from getting together very often, but we talked on the phone often.  If I found a really good CD, I’d let him know and he would go to the same store and buy it on my suggestion.  He was a good and genuine man.  I was devastated when I heard he had been diagnosed with cancer.  Not because I didn’t think he could beat this horrible disease, but because he simply didn’t deserve the pain and fear it takes to deal with it.  My wife has been cancer free for five years, but Steve Petryszyn lost his wife Sher after a five year battle.

I didn’t have much contact with Tom’s wife Liz other than to speak with her on the phone, but she knew how much music meant to Tom.  Tom’s entire family was with him the day he died.  While I never got a chance to say goodbye, his daughter Kimberly told me one of my shows was playing in the background when he passed.

I will miss Tom’s passion.  When I told him I wanted to some “nostalgia” on the station which included some vintage commercials if I could find them.  He called me back a few days later and read off over a hundred he thought would work.  I was able to find about 70 of those and the comprise the backbone of my “nostalgic” cuts.

Last year about this time, I brought him a tray of candy bars to keep his strength up.  Tom and I both shared a fondness for “Sky Bars” – a candy bar from our youth.  I found a place locally where I could buy a box of 24 took them over to him for Halloween.  I told his wife Liz that if she visits Tom at the cemetery and finds a Sky Bar, she’ll know I stopped by to say hello to him.

I am dedicating the Innocent Age running from November 10th through the 16th to Tom’s memory.  All the songs I’ll play on that show will be Tom’s favorites over the 9 years he listened to the show.  I’m hoping when people hear these songs in the future they’ll think of “Tom from Garfield Heights”…..

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Play List adds 10/08

Dionne Warwick – Any Old Time Of The Day • Fabulous Flipside of “Walk On By”

Billy Butler & the Chanters – Gotta Get Away • Bubbled Under the Hot 100 at #101 in 1964

Fantastic Four – Can’t Stop Looking For My Baby • Like the Motown sound?  If you listened to CKLW Windsor/Detroit back in 1966, you may remember this great song you should have heard

Nancy Sinatra – Here Comes The Bride • Very early effort by Nancy on daddy’s Reprise label from 1963.

Shannon – Abergavenny • This song hit #47 back in 1969 and was actually British rocker Marty Wilde

Secrets – Here He Comes Now • Our great girl group from Cleveland with a Philips song you should have heard from 1964.

Showmen – The Honey House • General Johnson, lead singer of Chairmen of the Board with another great lost song you should have heard from 1966.

Len Barry – Moving Finger Writes • Bubbled Under tune from the lead singer of the Dovells.  This tune hit #124 back in 1967.

Robert Goulet – Summer Sounds • Peaked at #58 on the Hot 100 in 1965

Nat King Cole – Mr. Wishing Well • Fabulous Flipside of “That Sunday That Summer” from 1963.

Ned Miller – Do What You Do • Peaked at #52 on the Hot 100 in 1965

Distant Cousins – She Ain’t Lovin’ You • Bubbled Under at #102 in 1966 a BIG tune on WIXY in Cleveland

Tim Tam & the Turn-On’s – Cheryl Ann • Another group from Detroit – big on CKLW, Windsor/Detroit.

Bill Swofford – Why You Been Gone So Long • A folk sound from the singer who also recorded pop songs under the name Oliver (Good Morning Starshine)

Julie Monday – Come Share The Good Times With Me • Just made the Hot 100 in 1966 – peaking at #96.

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Play List adds 9/08

Cascades – Cinderella • Following the success of “Rhythm of the Rain”, John Gummoe and the Cascades left the Valiant label for RCA-Victor.  As this song you should have heard proves, the RCA material was great, but as we got closer to the British Invasion, this was the kind of sound that was forced into the background.

Blood Sweat & Tears – Sometimes In Winter • This is the fabulous flipside of the 1969 Columbia single, “And When I Die”.  I like it because while the horn arrangement is toned down, they’re still there, and yet David Clayton-Thomas did NOT sing lead on this cut.

Mary Wells & Marvin Gaye – Once Upon A Time • This great duet peaked at number 19 on the Hot 100 in 1964.  Whether he sang with Mary, Tammi, Diana or Kim – he was the master.

Susan Christie – I Love Onions • This tongue in cheek novelty tune peaked at number 63 on the Hot 100 back in 1966 – sung by the great Lou Christie’s sister, Susan.

Eddie Lawrence – The Old Philosopher • I was pretty young back in 1956, but I’ll never forget the line… “is that’s what’s troublin’ you?”  A great novelty tune that climbed all the way to #34 on the Hot 100.

Turtles – Outside Chance • The Turtles had a great sound and should have been much bigger stars than they were.  With all their big hits, believe it or not, this song you should have heard by them from 1966 is my favorite cut from the group.

Richard & the Young Lions – Open Up Your Door • This garage sound was a big smash in the Great Lakes area.  It got lot’s of airplay in Cleveland and Detroit/Windsor, but for everyone else, it’s a song you should have heard.

Johnny Dankworth – African Waltz – Songs that bubbled under at #101 were typically pretty big in some region of the country.  I certainly remember hearing this on the radio back in 1961.

Mojo Men – Sit Down I Think I Love You • Written by Steven Stills and recorded by CSY, this was the only version to hit the Hot 100, peaking at #36 back in 1967.

Fidelitys – Wishing Star • If you’re a fan of the vocal group sound, you’ll want to catch this song you should have heard from the Sir label back in 1960.

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What you’re missing….by not listening….

If you weren’t listening today…. you missed hearing “May I Have This Dance” by the Four Graduates from 1964.  Bob Miranda sang lead vocals with this group, which would evolve into “The Happenings” and go on to hit the Hot 100 nine times.  Stay tuned to TUNEDEX MEMORIES and listen for another Four Graduates cut, “Candy Queen”.

Frankie Sardo – She Taught Me How To Cry

New Seekers – The Greatest Song I Ever Heard

Poppy Family – I Was Wondering

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Catching up with The Buckinghams

Do you remember The Buckinghams? They were a band from Chicago and when you weren’t listening to

The Buckinghams 1966

The Buckinghams 1966

those great 45’s like “Kind Of A Drag”, “Don’t You Care”, and “Susan” you might have caught them on TV or if you were very lucky, you saw them in concert. They are back! They have released a new CD on the FUEL label called “Reaching Back” and it is GREAT! First rate performances, writing and arranging await you on this disc. I liked one cut so much, “The Autumn Of My Life”, I’ve added it to our play list. Check out their website at for tour information, bio’s, great photos (old and new) and best of all – you can buy this new CD from them. I encourage you to support the artists we play, especially if they are still performing. You WON’T be disappointed, the Buckinghams sound better than ever!

The Buckinghams 2008

The Buckinghams 2008


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Specialty Show of the Week – PREVIEW

No new Specialty Show this week – check back for new dates and times…

TUNEDEX MEMORIES strives to preserve the innocence of the music of the late 50’s and early 60’s and shares with you tunes you remember, tunes you haven’t heard in decades and lots of songs you SHOULD have heard.  Please let us know what you think of our shows and station. Send your comments in an email to chuck@songsyoushouldhaveheard.

Teen Angel      The Guardian Spirit of Lost Music

Teen Angel The Guardian Spirit of Lost Music

Our shows run ELEVEN times during the week. Consult our website “Station Schedule” page for specific times. Whether you live on the East Coast, the West Coast or if you’re tuning in from Europe, Asia, or Australia we should have a convenient time for you to listen.  Questions or comments?  Send them in an email to

Monday 9-11pm EST • Tuesday Mid-2AM EST – intended for our West Coast listeners (will air 9-11pm PST) • Tuesday 7-9 am EST – intended for our listeners in Asia and Australia (will air in Tokyo on Wednesday 8-10pm JST) • Tuesday 4-6 pm EST – intended for our listeners in Europe (will air in London 9-11 pm BST) • Wednesday 9-11 EST • Thursday Mid-2AM EST – Intended for our West Coast listeners (will air 9-11 pm PST) • Thursday 4-6 pm EST – intended for our listeners in Europe (will air in London 9-11 pm BST) • Friday 10-Mid EST – intended for our listeners in Asia and Australia (will air in Tokyo on Saturday from 11-1pm JST) • Saturday 8-10am EST (intended for our listeners in Europe (will air in London 2-4pm BST) • Saturday 6-8pm EST – intended for our West Coast listeners (will air 3-5pm PST) • Sunday 7-8am EST – intended for our listeners in Asia and Australia (will air in Tokyo on Monday from 8-10pm JST)

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Jill Corey – Love Me To Pieces

Here’s ONE of the songs on our play list – The Honor Roll of Hits

Norma Jean Speranza lost her mother when she was only four years old. She grew up in Avonmore, Pennsylvania where her father worked in the coal mines. She entered a local Lion’s club talent contest which resulted in her own radio show. By the age of 14, she was appearing nightly, seven nights a week, earning $5.00 a night.

Jill Corey

Jill Corey

By the time she hit 17, Norma Jean was a local celebrity. She made a demo tape (no accompaniment other than passing trains) and somehow it reached Mitch Miller of Columbia records. He listened and was so impressed he invited her to New York.

How’s this for a “good day”? She arrived at Columbia Records, and auditioned for Mitch Miller and was signed on the spot. Miller then contacted LIFE magazine, and set up auditions for Dave Garroway and Arthur Godfrey who met with her immediately. Before she left to return home, the signing of the contracts were re-enacted for LIFE photographers. Norma Jean then flew home that night.

The next day brought calls from both Garroway and Godfrey. Norma Jean chose Garroway and appeared on his TV show for nine months.

It was Garroway who picked the name Jill Corey out of a telephone book to be Norma Jean’s “professional” name. Within six weeks of her signing, the LIFE cover came out and suddenly Jill Corey appeared to be everywhere.

After Garroway, there was the Robert Q. Lewis show, Ed Sullivan appearances and nine months as the lead singer for a little known California based show hosted by an unknown by the name of Johnny Carson. She headlined a show at the Copacabana, Las Vegas and even had her own syndicated radio and television shows. She was the lead singer for the last year of “Your Hit Parade” and even starred in a movie, called “Senior Prom”.

In 1961, she fell in love and married all-star third baseman Don Hoak, of the World Champion 1960 Pittsburgh Pirates.  When they married, Jill gave up her career to be a full time wife.

“Love Me To Pieces” was the highest charting (#11) song of the five tunes that Jill placed on the Hot 100. This has always been my favorite song by Jill and you’ll hear it on TUNEDEX MEMORIES.

LOVE ME TO PIECES by Marvin Endsley

Why don’t you love me to pieces, baby
Squeeze me ’til I’m crazy
Hold me the way you used to do
You know that my love is growin’ stronger
And I can’t wait no longer
Been saving my love just for you

Hold me, thrill me, squeeze me so tight
Miss me, kiss me, all day and night

Why don’t you love me to pieces, darlin’
No use in us quarreling
I only need your loving arms
You know that I’m plumb mad about you
I couldn’t live without you
I’m just wild about your charms

(Repeat first two verses)

Why don’t you love me to pieces, honey
Squeeze me ’til it ain’t funny
Give me the kisses that I crave
You know that I’ll never ever leave you
And I’ll never ever grieve you
You know that I want to be your slave

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Play List Adds 07/08

Duprees – Around The Corner • The first effort by the group after leaving Coed for Columbia records. While only peaking at #91 on the Hot 100, it was a great song probably drowned by the British Invasion.

Falcons – The Teacher • This song hit the Hot R&B chart but should have crossed over to Pop stations. It was released on United Artists records in 1960.

Bobby Cash – I Don’t Need Your Love And Kisses • In my opinion, Ral Donner was the best Elvis sound-alike, but Bobby Cash gives him a run for his money on this 1964 King released song you should have heard.

Petula Clark – Thank You • A great 1964 song you should have heard released in England on the Pye label.

Unknowns – Melody For An Unknown Girl • This 1966 Hot 100 entry stalled at #74 for this interesting group. Mark Lindsay and Keith Allison of Paul Revere & the Raiders were joined by Steve Alaimo on this Parrot label release.

Nancy Sinatra & Lee Hazelwood – Sand • Bubbled Under the Hot 100 at #107 in 1967.

Susan Jacks – All The Tea In China • A song you should have heard from 1980 on the Epic label that has the classic early 70’s Poppy Family sound.

Ivy League – That’s Why I’m Crying • A 1965 effort on Cameo from a British band we should have heard more from.

Mark Valentino – The Push And Kick • This 1962 Hot 100 entry might not have started a dance craze as big as the Twist but it still managed to climb all the way to #27.

Shirelles – Don’t Go Home • This 1967 updated version of the Playmates 1957 hit bubbled under for the group at #110

Kim Weston – A Love Like Ours • The Fabulous Flipside of “Helpless” from 1966

Crew Cuts – You’re A Star Donna Donna • A song you should have heard from this fine group on ABC-Paramount from 1963.

Chris Montez & Kathy Young – You’re The One • A song you should have heard from the Monogram label from 1964 and a great duet.

Keith – Tell It To My Face • Peaking at #37 on the Hot 100 in 1967, this was also recorded by the Hollies.

Reflections – Shabby Little Hut • This Detroit group Bubbled Under in 1965 at #121.

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The Tymes – So Much In Love

Here’s ONE of the songs on our play list – The Honor Roll of Hits

Norm Burnett (Baritone) and George Hilliard (2nd Tenor) met at summer camp and decided to form a singing group. In 1960 they hooked up with Al Berry (1st Tenor), Donald Banks (Bass) and George Williams Jr. (lead) to form the Latineers. Philadelphia station WDAS held a talent contest in 1963 and the group was urged to audition for local label Cameo/Parkway. They were signed to Parkway records, and were renamed the Tymes. The first release was a song written by George Williams, “As We Stroll Along” which was renamed “So Much In Love” which went to number ONE in August of 1963. They hit the charts five more times for Parkway and in 1965 started their own label. Winchester. Then moved to Columbia records and had a minor hit with a cover of “People” in 1966. They stayed under the chart radar for another 8 years, but hit #12 with “You Little Trustmaker” for RCA in 1974. We lost lead singer George Williams to cancer in 2004. Listen for The Tymes on TUNEDEX MEMORIES!

As we stroll along together
Holding hands, walking all alone
So in love are we two
That we don’t know what to do
So in love (doo, so in love)
In a world of our own (doo, so in love)

As we stroll by the sea together
Under stars twinkling high above
So in love are we two
No one else but me and you
So in love (doo, so in love)
So much in love (doo, so in love)
So in love (doo, so in love)
So much in love (doo, so in love)

We stroll along together
I tell you I need you oh so much
I love, love you my darling
Can you tell it in my touch?

When we walk down the aisle together
We will vow to be together till we die
So much love have we two
Just can’t wait to say “I do”
So in love (doo, so in love)
Are you and I (doo, you and I)
So in love (doo, so in love)
Are you and I (doo, you and I)
So in love (doo, so in love)
Are you and I (doo, you and I)

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