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Artists we’ve been able to contact…

Dwain Story

Aaron Cooper did an Internet search for his friends “long lost” songs, and to his amazement, he found a title that brought him to us.  Our own Frank Kramer provided me with two songs by Dwain Story, on the Stallion label from 1965.  I liked one side so much, “A Little Lovin”, I added it to our Play List, “the Honor Roll of HIts”.  Aaron emailed me a couple times and from my own research, I discovered Dwain had made a pretty good name for himself in the Folk genre.  I recently sent the two sides to Aaron and Dwain Story got to hear those songs for the first time since he recorded them.  Turns out, there were only 300 copies pressed.  Frank had no idea how rare that 45 turned out to be.  Aaron  let me know that Dwain had written BOTH songs in 1964  in about an hour.  One year later, he finally recorded them, and 43 years later, he finally got to hear them again.  Listen for Dwain Story on TUNEDEX MEMORIES!


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Coley Harwell

We heard from Coleman Harwell III recently. He sang a song in 1965 on Robbins records titles “Graduation’s Almost Here”. He found us by using his song title on a web search and found it on our posted play lists. Frank Kramer played his song on Teenage Memories back in August, 2006. I sent him a copy of the show and thanked him for his great song. He lives in Nashville and is still writing. Keep singin’ Coleman…

Haven’t listened yet? Check out songs like Coley’s at: TUNEDEX MEMORIES

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