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Play List Additions – August 15, 2011

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Subject: ADDS TO PLAYLIST 8/15/2011


NickyDeMatteoBlogNicky DeMatteo – Suddenly
This one-hit wonder artist hailed from South Philly and this charted hit peaked at #90 in 1960 with strong support from WIBG in Philadelphia.




Beatles – You Like Me Too Much
A cut from the Parlophone “Help” album released in the UK in 1965.  Written by George Harrison, George also provides the double-tracked lead vocal.

Vikki Carr – With Pen In Hand
This song was written by Bobby Goldsboro and hit #35 back in 1969.  Born Florencia Cardona, this El Paso native was a staple on the Pop charts in the 60’s and early 70’s with songs released in both English and Spanish.

 Del Reeves – Girl On The Billboard
This song barely made the Hot 100-peaking at #96 in 1965.  This song got a lot of airplay in my home town of Cleveland, Ohio and I remember it well.  This was the only crossover hit for Del, but he hit the Country Hot 100 an amazing 55 times from 1961 to 1986.

Karen Lake – Airmail Special Delivery
This 1961 Big Top label release did NOT chart and was the last of Karen’s 3 releases.  The first two were on ABC-Paramount.  For those of you familiar with Gene Pitney’s work, this is NOT the song he wrote and sung.

Paramounts – Where’s Carolyn Tonight
This 1963 Centaur release has a great doo wop sound.  There were multiple groups by this name including one in the UK, so I can’t be sure of bio information, but trust me, you’ll love this song!

Horst Jankowski – A Walk In The Black Forest
We heard a LOT of instrumentals in the 50’s and 60’s.  This one hit #12 in 1965 on the Mercury label.

 Johnny Fortune – Come On And Love Me
This 1964 single on the Current label is the THIRD song for Johnny on our play list.  This Warren, Ohio native recorded his first instrumental at the tender age of sixteen entitled Soul Surfer.  Despite his age, Johnny was in demand, playing guitar on Sam Cooke’s smash “Chain Gang” and Barbara George’s “I Know”.  As good a guitar player as he is, I like his voice also and a LOT of his solo efforts.

Major Lance – Um Um Um Um Um Um
Yes this was a top 5 song, but it’s hard to NOT sing along.  I add songs like this because they are simply fun to listen to.

Peter & Gordon – I Don’t Care What They Say
This is from the “I Go To Pieces” album on Capitol.  It’s a song that has their “signature” sound and I can’t believe it wasn’t released as a single.  I hope you enjoy it.

 Susan Lynne – Don’t Drag No More
A great car song with a girl group sound.  I might wind up playing this back to back after “Dead Man’s Curve” by Jan & Dean.  A young girl pleading with her egocentric boyfriend not to be so reckless.

JImmy Isle – Blue Wedding Bells
Frank Kramer and I have done HUNDREDS of specialty shows over the years.  This was a teener that Frank played that I’ve always liked.  It was on the Diamond label in 1964.

 Cher – Where Do You Go
Written by Sonny Bono, this song hit #25 back in 1965.  It was the second single release from the album “The Sonny side of Cher”

Rusty Lane – Karen
This New Jersey native recorded two singles on Laurie and I like this one because the Mystics provide the wonderful backing vocals.  Rusty and the Mystics performed this on American Bandstand.

Lewis & Clark Expedition – I Feel Good, I Feel Bad
This Colgems single hit #64 in 1967.  The “group” was really Michael Martin Murphey and Boomer Castleman.  Boomer would hit the charts with one solo effort and went on to invent the palm pedal, a device that allow guitar players to execute pedal steel-style string bends.  Michael wrote “What Am I Doin’ Hangin’ Round” for the Monkees and went on to have a very successful career singing Country and Cowboy songs, hitting the Hot 100 with the #3 hit, “Wildfire” and hitting the Hot Country charts 29 times.

 Journeymen – I Never Will Marry
This folk classic was recorded in 1963 on Capitol.  We never heard much from Dick Weissman, but the other members of this trio were John Phillips, who would go on to form The Mamas & the Papas and Scott McKenzie who climbed to #4 with San Francisco (Wear Some Flowers In Your Hair).

Willie Wilson & the Tunemasters – I’ve Lied
A nice doo wop from 1958 on the End label, with backing vocals from Arlene Smith of the Chantels

B.J. Thomas – Plain Jane
One of those tunes that “Bubbled Under’ the Hot 100 at position 129.  I remember hearing this on the radio when I was completing my training for the Air Force, stationed at Goodfellow AFB in San Angelo, Texas.

 Martha & the Vandellas – In My Lonely Room
This hit #44 back in 1964.  It had that “classic” Motown sound.

Marty Robbins – She Was Only Seventeen (And He Was One Year More)
This 1958 song on the Columbia label hit #27.  Marty was a great musical storyteller and this song is a perfect example.

 Moody & the Deltas – Everybody Come Clap Your Hands
You may have never heard this group, but this 1964 release on Daisy should have been a hit.  I love the infectuous sound, which was written by Jeff Barry and Ellie Greenwich and produced by the legendary Lieber & Stoller.

Beverly Sisters – Always and Forever
This group is from England, the girls names were Joy, Teddie and Babs.  They recorded on the Decca UK label and this song was released in 1958.

 Spinners – Truly Yours
Another great song that “Bubbled Under’ the Hot 100 at position #111 in 1966.  Here’s a song with a great Motown sound that should be heard MORE!  We are happy to oblige.

Ron Murphy – This Year 
A great teener from 1962 on the Suite 16 label, from New York.  Ron recorded at least 6 other singles on other labels, and we already play “Three Unspoken Words” on the play list, but I can’t find any further information.

 Bob Dylan – I Want You
This song hit #20 in 1966 and was a single off the double album “Blonde on Blonde”.  I saw Dylan in 1965 in downtown Cleveland.  He came out with his guitar and harmonica and after the intermission was accompanied by a full band.  He was booed mightily for “selling out”.  I bought this double album while stationed in San Angelo.

I hope you enjoy these latest tunes added to TUNEDEX MEMORIES…

Chuck Benjamin


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Just Added To The Play List….

Trophies – Desire 62
Rick Nelson – Poor Loser 62
Dickey Lee – Don’t Wanna Think About Paula 63 #68
Rip Chords – One Piece Topless Bathing Suit 64
Bernadette Castro – Set Me Free 61
Tokens – Please Write 63 #108
Jay & Americans – Girl 65 Flip
Billy Joe Royal – My Fondest Memories 65
Corsairs – Smoky Places 61 #12
Tommy DeNoble – Young Love 60
Russell Byrd – You’d Better Come Home 61 #50
Chanters – Row Your Boat 58
Frankie Love – First Star 62
Dynamics – Misery 63 #44
Gothics – Love You Too Much 61
Blossoms – Good Good Lovin’ 67 #101
Maureen Gray – Today’s The Day 61
Pozo-Seco Singers – Time 66 #47
Mike Batt – Summertime City 75
Jan & Dean – Your Heart Has Changed It’s Mind 62 Flip
Five Delights – The Thought Of Losing You 59
Al Martino – Tears And Roses 64 #20
Alicia Adams – Oom Dooby Doom 61
Billy Lynn – Little Poni Tail 61
Allisons – Are You Sure 61 #102
Brian Hyland – Holiday For Clowns 67 #94
Blue Sonnets – Thank You Mr. Moon 63
Bobby Fuller Four – Only When I Dream 66
Bobbi Martin – For The Love Of Him 70 #13
California – Doo Wop Music 77
Mama Cass – Don’t Let The Good Life Pass You By 70 #110
Wanderers – You Can’t Run Away From Me 62
Judy Lin – Oh Henry 61
Jay & Americans – Yes 62
Bobby Hamilton – Crazy Eyes For You 58 #40
Bruce & Terry – Look Who’s Laughing Now 66

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Just added to the Play List….

Recently added to the play list for TUNEDEX MEMORIES • listen for these songs 24/7 at htttp://

Five Keys – This I Promise You 57
Joey Dee – Face Of An Angel 60
Chaps – They’ll Never Be 61
Dontels – Lover’s Reunion 63
Pete Stamper – Cheva-Kiser-Olds-Mo-Laca-Stude-Uar-Linco-Baker 61
Avons – Baby 57
Tony Christie – (Is This The Way To) Amarillo 72 #121
Rondells – Don’t Say That You Love Me 65
Mike Clifford – She’s Just Another Girl 62 FLIP
Four Seasons – Dawn (Go Away) 64 #3
John Mobley – Tunnel Of Love 60
Paradons – Bells Ring 60
Mamas & Papas – Straight Shooter 67 #130
Beach Boys – Your Summer Dream 63
Tokens – My Candy Apple Vette 64
Carl Bonafede – A Story That’s True 59
Four Seasons – That’s The Only Way 63 FLIP
John & Anne Ryder – I Still Believe In Tomorrow 69 #70
Jan & Dean – It’s A Shame To Say Goodbye 65 FLIP
Innocents – Don’t Call Me Lonely Anymore 64
Vespers – Mr. Cupid 63
Bob Braun – Our Anniversary Of Love 62 #119
Sandra Powell – My Jimmie 58
Butanes – Don’t Forget I Love You 61 #96
Del Shannon – I Won’t Be There 62 #113
Andy Rose – The Promise (My Devotion) 58
Axiom – Baby Bear 70
Superbs – Rainbow Of Love 63
Ray Fleming – Wonderland Of Love 62
Johnny Tillotson – Much Beyond Compare 60
Tokens – Go Away Little Girl / Young Girl 69 #118
Original Casuals – So Tough 58 #42
Adelphis – Kathleen 58

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Play List adds 10/08

Dionne Warwick – Any Old Time Of The Day • Fabulous Flipside of “Walk On By”

Billy Butler & the Chanters – Gotta Get Away • Bubbled Under the Hot 100 at #101 in 1964

Fantastic Four – Can’t Stop Looking For My Baby • Like the Motown sound?  If you listened to CKLW Windsor/Detroit back in 1966, you may remember this great song you should have heard

Nancy Sinatra – Here Comes The Bride • Very early effort by Nancy on daddy’s Reprise label from 1963.

Shannon – Abergavenny • This song hit #47 back in 1969 and was actually British rocker Marty Wilde

Secrets – Here He Comes Now • Our great girl group from Cleveland with a Philips song you should have heard from 1964.

Showmen – The Honey House • General Johnson, lead singer of Chairmen of the Board with another great lost song you should have heard from 1966.

Len Barry – Moving Finger Writes • Bubbled Under tune from the lead singer of the Dovells.  This tune hit #124 back in 1967.

Robert Goulet – Summer Sounds • Peaked at #58 on the Hot 100 in 1965

Nat King Cole – Mr. Wishing Well • Fabulous Flipside of “That Sunday That Summer” from 1963.

Ned Miller – Do What You Do • Peaked at #52 on the Hot 100 in 1965

Distant Cousins – She Ain’t Lovin’ You • Bubbled Under at #102 in 1966 a BIG tune on WIXY in Cleveland

Tim Tam & the Turn-On’s – Cheryl Ann • Another group from Detroit – big on CKLW, Windsor/Detroit.

Bill Swofford – Why You Been Gone So Long • A folk sound from the singer who also recorded pop songs under the name Oliver (Good Morning Starshine)

Julie Monday – Come Share The Good Times With Me • Just made the Hot 100 in 1966 – peaking at #96.

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Play List adds 9/08

Cascades – Cinderella • Following the success of “Rhythm of the Rain”, John Gummoe and the Cascades left the Valiant label for RCA-Victor.  As this song you should have heard proves, the RCA material was great, but as we got closer to the British Invasion, this was the kind of sound that was forced into the background.

Blood Sweat & Tears – Sometimes In Winter • This is the fabulous flipside of the 1969 Columbia single, “And When I Die”.  I like it because while the horn arrangement is toned down, they’re still there, and yet David Clayton-Thomas did NOT sing lead on this cut.

Mary Wells & Marvin Gaye – Once Upon A Time • This great duet peaked at number 19 on the Hot 100 in 1964.  Whether he sang with Mary, Tammi, Diana or Kim – he was the master.

Susan Christie – I Love Onions • This tongue in cheek novelty tune peaked at number 63 on the Hot 100 back in 1966 – sung by the great Lou Christie’s sister, Susan.

Eddie Lawrence – The Old Philosopher • I was pretty young back in 1956, but I’ll never forget the line… “is that’s what’s troublin’ you?”  A great novelty tune that climbed all the way to #34 on the Hot 100.

Turtles – Outside Chance • The Turtles had a great sound and should have been much bigger stars than they were.  With all their big hits, believe it or not, this song you should have heard by them from 1966 is my favorite cut from the group.

Richard & the Young Lions – Open Up Your Door • This garage sound was a big smash in the Great Lakes area.  It got lot’s of airplay in Cleveland and Detroit/Windsor, but for everyone else, it’s a song you should have heard.

Johnny Dankworth – African Waltz – Songs that bubbled under at #101 were typically pretty big in some region of the country.  I certainly remember hearing this on the radio back in 1961.

Mojo Men – Sit Down I Think I Love You • Written by Steven Stills and recorded by CSY, this was the only version to hit the Hot 100, peaking at #36 back in 1967.

Fidelitys – Wishing Star • If you’re a fan of the vocal group sound, you’ll want to catch this song you should have heard from the Sir label back in 1960.

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Play List adds 8/08

Lobo – Rock & Roll Days • This 1974 song you should have heard was an lp cut. I always liked the Lobo sound, but this has a nice 60’s feel to it. Listening to this song will take you back…

Troy Shondell – Tears From An Angel • Coming in #77 on the Hot 100 back in 1961 is one half of the dual side follow-up to the smash “This Time”. The “B” side only hit #92 and that was it for charted hits for Troy.

Eddie Hodges – Ain’t Gonna Wash For A Week • The Fabulous Flipside of “I’m Gonna Knock On Your Door” (already on the Play List) from Cadence records in 1961.

Donnie Brooks – Mission Bell / Gene Pitney – Mission Bell • A TUNEDEX MEMORIES DOUBLE PLAY. First, the Hot 100 version that climbed to #7 for Donnie Brooks in 1960. Then we come right back atcha’ with an lp cut cover by Gene Pitney. We have lost both of these great artists – you can read our Memoriams at our blog:

The Parade – The Radio Song • This L.A. group Bubbled Under at #127 in 1968. they also had a Top 20 hit with “Sunshine Girl” (also on our play list). They had a nice sound and should have been a bigger act.

Honeycombs – That’s The Way • A nice song you should have heard from this British group on the Warner Brothers label in 1965.

Buchanan & Goodman – The Flying Saucer • An rock breakthrough as Dickie Goodman and Bill Buchanan invent the “cut in” record. We’ve got both parts 1 and 2 of this 1956 Hot 100 record that climbed to #3.

Van Strickland – Gotta Get A Date • A great teen song you should have heard on the obscure Judson label from 1960. I also have a version of this song by Frank Ifield – but I like Van’s version better.

Jerry Jackson – Time • Jerry never hit the Hot 100, but he did Bubble Under a couple singles. This song is but one of many songs you should have heard I’ve added by him. If you haven’t heard his voice, you will be happy when you do.

Four Flops – Wizard Of Love • This was recorded in 1999 on Crystal Ball. The “Fabulous Flops” are a contemporary doo-wop group from Germany. This is a great “new-wop” song you should have heard.

Lazy Mary – Lou Monte • A #12 Hot 100 hit with two verses in Italian and two in English. A great fun record from RCA-Victor back in 1958.

Fortunes – Here It Comes Again • A great song from one of my favorite British bands. Peaked on the Hot 100 at #27 on Press records in 1965.

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Play List Adds 07/08

Duprees – Around The Corner • The first effort by the group after leaving Coed for Columbia records. While only peaking at #91 on the Hot 100, it was a great song probably drowned by the British Invasion.

Falcons – The Teacher • This song hit the Hot R&B chart but should have crossed over to Pop stations. It was released on United Artists records in 1960.

Bobby Cash – I Don’t Need Your Love And Kisses • In my opinion, Ral Donner was the best Elvis sound-alike, but Bobby Cash gives him a run for his money on this 1964 King released song you should have heard.

Petula Clark – Thank You • A great 1964 song you should have heard released in England on the Pye label.

Unknowns – Melody For An Unknown Girl • This 1966 Hot 100 entry stalled at #74 for this interesting group. Mark Lindsay and Keith Allison of Paul Revere & the Raiders were joined by Steve Alaimo on this Parrot label release.

Nancy Sinatra & Lee Hazelwood – Sand • Bubbled Under the Hot 100 at #107 in 1967.

Susan Jacks – All The Tea In China • A song you should have heard from 1980 on the Epic label that has the classic early 70’s Poppy Family sound.

Ivy League – That’s Why I’m Crying • A 1965 effort on Cameo from a British band we should have heard more from.

Mark Valentino – The Push And Kick • This 1962 Hot 100 entry might not have started a dance craze as big as the Twist but it still managed to climb all the way to #27.

Shirelles – Don’t Go Home • This 1967 updated version of the Playmates 1957 hit bubbled under for the group at #110

Kim Weston – A Love Like Ours • The Fabulous Flipside of “Helpless” from 1966

Crew Cuts – You’re A Star Donna Donna • A song you should have heard from this fine group on ABC-Paramount from 1963.

Chris Montez & Kathy Young – You’re The One • A song you should have heard from the Monogram label from 1964 and a great duet.

Keith – Tell It To My Face • Peaking at #37 on the Hot 100 in 1967, this was also recorded by the Hollies.

Reflections – Shabby Little Hut • This Detroit group Bubbled Under in 1965 at #121.

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Play List Adds 6/08

New Christy Minstels – Denver A great song that made the Bubbled Under chart at #127 in 1963.

Swinging Blue Jeans – It Isn’t There • A Song You Should Have Heard from 1965.

Jesse Belvin – Guess Who • One half of “Jesse & Marvin” and the co-writer of “Earth Angel” for the Penguins, Jesse released some great material in his short career. He and his wife Jo Ann died tragically in a car accident about a year after this #39 Hot 100 hit in 1959.

Barbara Mason – Come To Me • The Fabulous Flipside of “Sad Sad Girl” on Arctic records in 1965.

Serendipity Singers – Plastic • A very funny and prophetic song that Bubbled Under at #118 in 1965.

Scotland Yardleys – Some Guys Have It • A Song You Should Have Heard on Smash from 1966.

James Darren – Mary’s Little Lamb • A Hot 100 entry from 1962 peaking at #39.

Three Chuckles – We’re Still Holding Hands • With Teddy Randazzo on lead, the group gives us an early Song You Should Have Heard from 1956.

Reparata & the Del Rons – He’s My Guy • The Fabulous Flipside of “Whenever A Teenager Cries”.

Walker Brothers – You’re All Around Me • The Fabulous Flipside of “My Ship Is Comin’ In”.

Matt Monro – Why Not Now • The follow-up to “My Kind Of Girl” this Warwick release barely made the Hot100 at #92 and never getting any higher.

Merry-Go-Round – She’s A Very Lovely Woman • With Emmit Rhodes on lead, this song peaked at #94 on the Hot 100 in 1967. Covered by Linda Ronstadt and the Stone Poneys.

Earl Grant – Not One Minute More • A Song You Should Have Heard released on Decca in 1959 from the man who gave us “The End”.

Smith – Take A Look Around • The follow-up to “Baby It’s You”. With Gayle McCormick on lead, this Johnny Rivers discovered group hit the Hot 100 at #43 back in 1969.

Perry Como – It’s Impossible • One of the top vocalists of the 40’s – Perry scored a #10 Hot 100 hit in 1970 with this beautiful ballad.

Lesley Gore – Lazy Day/98.6 • Lesley turns two songs into one – hit the Adult Contemporary chart in 1969.

Teresa Brewer – Mutual Admiration Society • Topped at #21 on the Hot 100 in 1956 for Teresa.

Four Kings – One Night • A great song you should have heard with a sound reminiscent of the Four Seasons.  Released in 1964 on Canadian-American records.

Chordettes – Zorro • A 1958 Hot 100 tune that will bring back memories of the Walt Disney series.

Jamie Coe – The Fool • The 1963 version on Big Top is a song you should have heard from one of Detroit’s favorite singers.  We now have three songs by Jamie Coe on our play list, the Honor Roll of Hits.

Neil Diamond – Glory Road • One of those outstanding UNI lp cuts that predates the chart “explosion” that brought super star status to Neil.  A non-charting song you should have heard you might have missed.

Sunrays – Bye Baby Bye • A fabulous flipside on Tower – the flip of “I Live For The Sun”

Crispian St. Peters – At This Moment • The arrangement will clearly remind you of Roy Orbison.  This song you should have heard was released in 1965 on the Jamie label.

Crew Cuts – Angels In The Sky • This version hit #11 on the Hot 100 in 1955.  It’s been recorded many, many times and was written by Canton, Ohio native Dick Glasser.

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Play List Adds 5/08

One Of The Guys – Vinnie Monte • A “teen idol” wannabe – Vinnie recorded for MANY labels, but never achieved chart success.  This cute Song You Should Have Heard is about other singers who DID make it.

Little Boxes – Womenfolk • The shortest song to hit the Hot 100 – written by Pete Seeger.

Come With Me To The Sea – Tymes • The Fabulous Flipside of “Wonderful Wonderful”.

Your Big Brown Eyes – Bobby Comstock • NONE of Bobby’s charted hits compare to this great teen Song You Should Have Heard from 1961.  My favorite tune by Bobby.

Armstrong – John Stewart • It’s hard to believe this only hit #74 on the Hot 100.  History is put to music with John’s interpretation of the first man to walk on the moon.

Four On The Floor – Shut Downs • This car song just made the Bubbled Under chart at #131 in 1963.

The Happy Whistler – Don Robertson • We go back to 1956 for this Hot 100 hit that peaked at #6.

I’m Gettin’ Married – Jamie Coe • The late George Covalas from Michigan with a Song You Should Have Heard from 1961 on the ABC-Paramount label.

Nola – Billy Williams • Ex lead singer of the Doo Wop group “The Chairoteers”.  This effort climbed to #39 on the Hot 100.

I Remember Dear – Tune Weavers • Margo Sylvia takes the lead on this Song You Should Have Heard.

Red Don’t Go With Blue – Jimmy Clanton • Bubbled Under at #115 in 1963 on Philips records.

T-Shirt – The Crickets • Released in 1988, this Song You Should Have Heard was aimed at the Country charts, despite being produced by Sir Paul McCartney.  Almost 30 years after the “day the music died”.

Can’t Help But Wonder Where I’m Bound – Kingston Trio • The group left Capitol for Decca and this 1965 version of the Tom Paxton classic is a Song You Should Have Heard.

Whoever Finds This I Love You – Mac Davis • We move to 1970 with this Hot 100 effort from Mac that peaked at #53.  Both Steve and I have always liked this song.

All Winter Long – Sherry Starlyn • Local songstress with a Song You Should Have Heard from 1964 on the Cleveland label, Sunburst.

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Play List Adds 4/08

First Day Back At School – Paul & Paula • Hot 100 effort from 1963 on the Philips label.

I Won’t Cry – Chad & Jeremy • A Fabulous Flipside from 1967 on Columbia. This was the flip of “You Are She” their LAST charted song.

Little Bride – Johnny Cooper • Played on WHK, this Song You Should Have Heard was released on Ermine back in 1962.

Push Push – Austin Taylor • Though it didn’t get any higher than #90 on the Hot 100, this Laurie release from 1960 has always been one of my favorites.

The Loneliest Man In The World – Dion • A haunting Fabulous Flipside from 1963. The flip of “This Little Girl” on Columbia.

Frozen Orange Juice – Peter Sarstedt • This tune Bubbled Under at #116 in 1969 on World Pacific.

The Pledge Of Alliegance – Red Skelton • The late comedian challenged America’s patriotism with this moving Hot 100 release back in 1969. I wonder how he’d feel today…

Joey – Shelby Flint • This 1962 Song You Should Have Heard was released on Valiant in 1962. One of the most recognizable female voices of the early 60’s.

Time Will Tell – The Majors • The Fabulous Flipside of “A Wonderful Dream” from 1962.

Love You Most Of All – Sam Cooke • The silky voiced one with a 1958 Hot 100 effort released on Keen.

Big Chief – The Motions • Local group from Cleveland with a 1964 Song You Should Have Heard.

Here, There & Everywhere – Claudine Longet • A true international listen – a French maiden with her interpretation of a British hit. This effort Bubbled Under at #126 back in 1967.

You can listen to these songs and a LOT MORE – simply tune in to:  TUNEDEX MEMORIES

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