Gary Puckett has sung of our troops at war for 40 years?

13 Mar

If you caught Steve Petryszyn’s last edition of “Record Roundup” you know he attended a concert in Michigan in February and was very moved by the song “Home” performed by Gary Puckett. Gary acknowledged ALL the veterans present in the audience and shook their hand. Steve heard this song for the first time, and thought it was written for our soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan. Actually, it was one of MY favorite songs while still in the Air Force during the Vietnam conflict.

I admit to being very lucky. I never experienced what goes through a soldiers mind in time of war. I gave four years of service to my country, but I was never in harms way atGary Puckett and the Union Gap any time. I lost friends in Vietnam, but no family, so once again, I was very lucky.

When I wore my uniform, I was subjected to ridicule, both in towns where I was stationed and when I came home. It hurt deeply, and at the time, and never understood the animosity. After some soul searching, I admitted to myself that I was happy to be alive, put Vietnam behind me and went on with my life.

Being the father of three sons, I can also say how deeply grateful I am that they were never subjected to war. As for the young men and women who serve today, my prayers go out to them and their family to just finish their job and come home safely. If you read Page 2 of the website, you know I was involved in a project back in 2003 called “Dedications from Home” ( to help both the soldiers and families get through one of the toughest times of the year, the Holidays. Even though the site is now closed, I’ll always carry with me the emotions of the families and know that I helped bring them together for just a short while. We take so much for granted in this country, and sometimes forget and underestimate the sacrifices others have made before us to secure our freedoms and way of life.

Today, we are a polarized country. But no matter your political affiliation, or opinion of the war, all Americans should support these brave young heroes and thank them for their efforts and sacrifices they have make EACH DAY for ALL OF US. Whether you believe in a God or not, we should all agree to remain the UNITED States of America. As Steve said on his show, if you know or meet a Veteran, THANK THEM. Unless you’ve been a part of defending freedom, you simply don’t know how difficult it can be…. so at the risk of “showing my age” or being “politically incorrect”…. God Bless America… and thanks to Gary Puckett and the Union Gap for capturing in song the pain and the heartache of war…

Hear “Home” by Gary Puckett & the Union Gap on “the Honor Roll of Hits” heard 24/7 on TUNEDEX MEMORIES!


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2 responses to “Gary Puckett has sung of our troops at war for 40 years?

  1. Terry and Sharon Rosen

    August 12, 2013 at 11:16 am

    Dear Gary, My wife Sharon and I Terry, were at your “happy together” tour last night here in Peoria Il. I was one of those veterans who stood when you asked us to stand. I was not a Marine but in the Air Force in the Vietnam War time. May I just share with you that you really touched my heart for precious words spoken in your humility toward every Vet. who every served and those who are serving today and even dieing to keep us free. You are so right about our freedom here
    that it costs greatly. My friend, what absolutely blew Sharon and I away was what you said next,
    that encompassed all you guys did on that platform, your songs and everything. You said “To GOD be given all the Glory! You raised the roof in our hearts! The next day whiis today I entered
    that contest on our goodtimes oldies station with Lee Malcolm, neverhaving done this before, I looked at the ticket they gave us which said Listen tomorrow between 7-8am when you Hear “Happy Together” be the 12 caller and 500 dollars is yours. I listened this morning and as soon as he said Hope you enjoyed the Happy Together” tour performance last night, Immediately I called, I wondered how I was able to get through so quick, I left him a message “Lee, If Sharon and I win this 500, Because of Gary Pucketts announcment “To God be all the Glory” we will give it to God, his church. I did not win! but I thought you wouldn’t mind me sharing this with you. Thanks Again Gary Blessings from Terry and my wife Sharon your devoted fan.

  2. John F. Lescher

    October 30, 2013 at 12:03 am

    Gary- My wife & I just saw your show at the Akron Civic Hall in Ohio. As a token of graditude for what you do for vets I gave you my CIB from my hat. Wear it proudly on behalf of Vietnam Vets…Welcome Home!


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